How to Choose Dental Products

When you shop for dental hygiene products, how do you know which products are best? Which ones will actually provide the promised results and effectively help your smile? In order to know which products are best, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The ADA Seal means that a product is safe and effective, and… Read more »

Don’t Let Cavities Stop Your Smile

Cavities can stop a healthy smile if they are left unchecked. But they can often be prevented with care and attention. What are these smile stealers? Cavities are holes which develop in teeth from the harmful effects of plaque formation. Plaque—the sticky bacterial film that coats your teeth and gums arises as a reaction to… Read more »

Common Items for Your First Aid Kit to Help Manage Oral Emergencies

While you can’t prevent an injury from ever happening in your mouth or to your teeth, there are a few things you can stock in your first aid kit to help you manage some common oral emergencies, when they happen. Waxed dental floss is a handy thing to have on hand if a foreign object… Read more »

A Bridge Can Replace a Lost Tooth

Advanced tooth decay, or a severe fracture that requires the tooth to be extracted can compromise your mouth in many ways. While it will certainly impair your ability to chew food it might also affect your speech. In time the surrounding teeth might even start to turn and migrate toward the spot left by the… Read more »