Teeth that have been compromised by progressive tooth decay and periodontal disease can negatively impact your quality of life. Even though they can seriously impair your ability to chew food, they can also cause problems with your speech and can lead to oral infection and inflammation.

If the full function of your mouth has been significantly compromised, Dr. Sanjay Merchant can fit you for a removable partial denture.

A partial denture in Fontana, California, is an abbreviated form of dentures that restores the full function of lost teeth. The initial appointment starts with a thorough examination of your mouth. It’s important to address any other problematic teeth in the area. This could potentially require additional extractions.

Your dentist then crafts a detailed impression of the area. This impression will be sent to the dental lab where your new partial is custom made to fit your smile.

When your partial is ready, Dr. Sanjay Merchant will call you in for a brief second appointment. During this appointment, [heshe] will fit your new partial in place and make any minor adjustments. A lot of people with partials prefer to use denture adhesives to secure their partial in place and help block out food particles.

If you have multiple missing teeth in one part of your mouth and you are interested in replacing them with a partial, you should call Southridge Dental Group at 909-822-9090 to schedule an appointment.