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TMJ Therapy

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Some people may notice clicking or popping sounds in their jaw, or experience soreness or stiffness without seeking a dentist for assistance in the hopes that the issue will go away on its own. If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, you could have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, also known as TMD. The skilled and experienced dentists at Southridge Dental Group in Fontana, California can alleviate the pain and help treat you with TMJ therapy!

TMJ Disorder Explained

To be more precise, the TMJ is the joint that connects the lower jaw to the rest of the head. When your TMJ becomes stressed, injured, or misaligned, you have what is called TMD or temporomandibular disorder. This can occur from stress, arthritis, grinding or clenching (medically referred to as bruxism), or injury and trauma to the head, neck, or jaw. Some people are oblivious to certain habits, and so they will gradually develop TMD without realizing the exact cause. But no matter how small or severe your symptoms are, we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with Southridge Dental Group right away so we can treat the issue with TMJ therapy before it becomes worse.

Typical TMD symptoms include:

  • Grinding, clicking, or popping sounds when you open and close your mouth
  • An inability to open your mouth wide when speaking, yawning, or chewing
  • The jaw locking up or getting stuck
  • Pain when biting and chewing
  • Severe discomfort in the neck, shoulders, or ears
  • Frequent headaches
Jaw Locking, Pain and inability to open mouth
Frequent Headaches Treatment

Our TMD Treatment Options

We typically start off with a free consultation where our knowledgeable staff can help evaluate your symptoms and determine the best treatment plan for you. For TMJ disorder, we may suggest jaw and facial relaxation exercises, lifestyle changes, restorative dental treatments, a mouth guard (or night guard), or jaw surgery. The type of treatment that we suggest for you will depend on the severity of your current symptoms. Our goal is to stop the progression of these symptoms and relieve you of your pain and discomfort until the problem resolves.

Misaligned Jaw Treatment in Fontana CA

When TMJ Disease Is Left Untreated

Many victims of TMD are under the false pretense that the symptoms will eventually subside after some time. Neglecting to seek treatment for your symptoms can actually make the situation much worse. The pain, discomfort, and tension that you feel can become more exaggerated and you can develop chronic pain that’s even more difficult (if not impossible) to treat. Like a domino effect, chronic pain stemming from TMJ disorder can induce feelings of anxiety and depression.

Having Trouble Sleeping? It Could Be TMD

TMJ disorder due to a misaligned jaw can interfere with your ability to draw in oxygen while you sleep. If you tend to continuously wake up throughout the night while experiencing brain fog and fatigue, TMJ disorder could be the culprit.

Come to Southridge Dental Group For TMJ Therapy!

With many years of collective experience among our expert dentists, Southridge Dental Group is the best place in Fontana, California and the surrounding area for treating your TMJ disorder. To learn more about our TMJ treatment options, call our friendly staff at 909-822-9090 and schedule your free consultation!

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