We invite you to come and see some of the quality work Dr. Merchant, Dr. Hilton, and Dr. Shahnubaryan do on a daily basis by perusing our photo gallery. We are confident we can help you receive the care you need to help you maintain a bright, healthy smile for years to come. Call Southridge Dental Group today to learn more about our comprehensive dental care in Fontana, California, and to schedule your next appointment with one of our caring dentists.



cosmetic-before-after1Orthodontics completely changed Kassandra’s smile.
Crowns helped restore Steve’s smile.
cosmetic-before-after3Veneers changed Karen’s entire face. What a beautiful smile!
cosmetic-before-after5Dr Glassman used Orthodontics to straighten Lynette’s teeth and a porcelain veneer to correct misshaped teeth for final cosmetic finish.

cosmetic-before-after6Dr. Glassman used standard Orthodontic procedures to align Rye’s teeth.
cosmetic-before-after7Dr. Glassman helped Reginald perfect his smile.
cosmetic-before-after8Elizabeth with porcelain crowns loves her new whiter, brighter smile.

cosmetic-before-after12RGap partially closed by invisalign then veneers added for final cosmetic finish.

cosmetic-before-after13Fake gum added to cover unsightly gum line.
naturaltoothChanging an amalgam (mercury alloy) filling to a “white” or “tooth colored” filling.
molarsChanging amalgam filling to “white” filling on molars.

cosmetic-before-after4Dr. Glassman used dental implants and crowns to replace Mary’s two front teeth. And Non-surgical custom gum replacement added for final cosmetic finish.
cosmetic-before-after10Crowns used to correct chipped, broken and misaligned teeth.