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Dental Bridges

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Missing multiple teeth in a row? We have the perfect solution! Our dental bridges are a great way to fill in larger gaps in your teeth due to losing more than one tooth side-by-side. Dr. Merchant and Dr. Saran both have been treating patients in Fontana, California with dental bridges for many years, so you can expect a reliable solution to your missing teeth! Just call Southridge Dental Group anytime to learn about our services.

The Anatomy of a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration that acts as a permanent, non-removable solution for missing teeth. The bridge is custom-designed to match your exact smile for the perfect fit and a completely natural look. It is held in place by two dental implants which act as artificial roots made of titanium which are screwed and secured into your jawbone. The adhesive used to connect the bridge to the implants will stay sturdy for many years, if not a lifetime. Thanks to advanced technology, dental bridges are one of the most optimal ways to restore your smile!

The Future of Dental Bridges

The normalization of modern technology such as 3D printing takes less time and is more affordable than outdated traditional methods. This is because the entire process can be done in-house, and the assistance of digital scanning makes the end product much more accurate. Call us today to learn more!

Best Place to get Dental Bridges Service in Fontana

An Inside Look At the Procedure

The first step in getting a dental bridge is to come in for a consultation. From there, the dentist may take a digital scan of your mouth in order to design a dental bridge that flows naturally with the rest of your existing teeth. You will need to undergo surgery for two dental implants followed by a period of rest so that your gums can recover and form around the new “roots”. Your personalized dental bridge will then be carefully glued to your implants for replacement teeth that look and feel real.

When you get your dental bridge from Southridge Dental Group, we’ll make sure your new artificial teeth feel comfortable and work properly before we send you on your way!

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Other than restoring your smile, getting a dental bridge to replace your missing teeth can do so much more for your quality of life. After you complete your dental bridge procedure, you may:

  • Speak, eat, and chew as you normally would
  • Lessen any excess stress as you bite
  • Notice restored shape and volume in your face
  • Prevent your existing natural teeth from growing out of place
  • Have more confidence in the appearance of your smile
There are 4 types of Dental Bridges

The Best Dental Bridges In Fontana!

To ensure the best quality dental bridges in Fontana, California and the surrounding area, Southridge Dental Group is the place to go! Our experienced dentists keep up with all current practices for the most comfortable and less invasive procedures, and we carry state-of-the-art technology to make things easier for everyone involved. For more information, call us at 909-822-9090 or come visit us!

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