You probably know that missing a tooth is actually a serious problem, but had you heard that you should have the issue addressed as quickly as you can? While there are a number of treatment options that could meet your needs, each offers different benefits and drawbacks. For example, dental implants can restore your smile and help you overcome issues caused by gum disease.

As you probably know, gum disease may actually lead to a number of issues. For instance, gum disease may lead to bad breath, sensitive teeth, and irritated or sore gums. Gum disease might also lead to a number of more serious issues. Still, had you heard that gum disease might affect the bone that holds your teeth in place? If you lose this important bone, your teeth may shift or fall out.

Implants can actually help you overcome these drawbacks because they’re placed in your bone. While this may seem uncomfortable, it actually stimulates bone growth. Similarly, if you lose a tooth because of gum disease, an implant may be a valid option for replacing your missing tooth. Implants are also custom made to look and function like your teeth, so they’ll enhance your smile’s aesthetic appeal and improve its functionality.

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